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Shiba Inu are very independent in nature.What is a Shiba Inu?Shiba Inu are very independent in nature and want to investigate anything going on, but they have a neat disposition and some cat-like ways. In fact, they are very clean dogs. They are a Japanese dog breed for hunting small game, boars and bears. They were […]

Beagle Puppies are absolutely adorable. What Does a Beagle Puppy Look Like?Beagle Puppies are absolutely adorable. They are small, cute, and have long floppy ears. The longer ears are a mark of what a good beagle looks like. The main dominant colors are Tri-Coat (black, brown, and white) colors. However, some have unique colorations such […]

Each breed is different and each customer has a different story. So for this blog, I am going to discuss our Newfoundland puppies. In addition, we will discuss the process families go through to discover a new family member here at Monark Puppies.Puppy Inquiry and ConversationWhen families visit to inquire about our puppies, I always […]