All about Beagles: Should I get a Beagle Puppy?

Posted on March 14, 2024 by Judy Miller

Beagle Puppies are absolutely adorable.

What Does a Beagle Puppy Look Like?

Beagle Puppies are absolutely adorable. They are small, cute, and have long floppy ears. The longer ears are a mark of what a good beagle looks like. The main dominant colors are Tri-Coat (black, brown, and white) colors. However, some have unique colorations such as the lemon/white hair coat which are fewer in number. There are also, blue-tick, chocolate/white, red/white, and tan/white. They have a short, smooth coat which makes them easy to groom and maintain. Overall, beagle puppies are a joy to be around and are sure to bring a lot of love and happiness to any home.

Monark Puppies: Beagles

At Monark Puppies, we specialize in 11 to 13 in. Lemon/white  Beagle puppies. We have had beagles since 1980 and acquired our first little lemon/white beagle girl 1982, which was our family pet and companion. She also loved to rabbit hunt, which all of our beagles have that instinct of trailing. When it is time to retire our beagle parents, if we cannot find a good pet home, we spay or neuter and let them run and live here on the farm. If you visit Monark Puppies or to pick up your puppy, you will be greeted by our little welcoming committee of three to five little lemon/white beagles. They are very friendly and socialized, as are all of our adults and puppies. Our puppies feel human hands and loving words from the day they are born. 

All of our beagles are on a Vet designed Health Program with all Vaccinations(Age Appropriate) up to date All of our dogs are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered. All puppies are AKC Microchipped and the AKC Puppy Protection Package included with each puppy. 

Should I get a Beagle Puppy?

When a new family is interested in adding a new puppy to their family there are always concerns and questions that need to be answered, for them and Monark Puppies. We realize that everyone cannot come in person to the farm to purchase their puppy. We love to visit over the phone as if in person with all questions answered. We take credit or debit cards over the phone like any phone order. 
We put our heart into our puppies, each one is special and we want the best for everyone. We want everyone to be happy and confident that they have made a good choice and we want  to know that  our puppies will have a great forever family and home. You are welcome to pick up your puppy here at the farm or shipping can be arranged for shipping costs.You can find our Health Contract on our website to read along with what the AKC Puppy Protection Package includes. If you are interested in our puppies or simply want to ask questions, reach out to us today! We enjoy answering inquiries and concerns from a variety of topics from dog breed specifics to our puppy wellness program. We look forward to hearing from you!

All About Beagles Should I Get A Beagle Puppy