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This is Willow (aka Bella) she is now living in RI with Doreen and we are told she is very smart. Thanks for the pictures Doreen.

This is Koda (Stewy). He is loving his life in RI. Thanks Donna for giving him a wonderful family.

Joy is now living in Alabama with Carrie and the rest of the family. Joy is one happy girl and loves to swim.

New pictures of Oscar. We love seeing them. Our guys and girls grow up. Thanks Erika and Zach.

Cash is now happily living with his new family in Iowa. Thanks Sona for giving him a great home.

Winston is enjoying life with his family Mark & Tiffani in OK.

Keiko (Freddy) is a happy boy who loves to lay on the deck and sun.

Thanks for the new picture he is taking it easy in D.C.

Chloe is doing great and Marissa says she is the sweetest thing.

This is a new picture of Coker and his friend. Coker is the one on the right.