Our Family Farm

What can we say? Life on the farm is pretty awesome! We spend our days playing with puppies, feeding, and grooming them. Life is good when you spend your days with Puggles, Newfoundlands, Shiba Inus, Beagles, and Corgis. We love it and wouldn’t change it for the world. Among the joys of farm life is getting to make people’s lives better by helping them find the perfect puppy to join their family.

There isn’t anything any better than spending your day taking care of puppies; taking pictures, playing outside and knowing that there is a family waiting to make one of our puppies a part of their family. The people you get to know, friends you make, and the impact you can make thru your puppies makes life better and worthwhile. Our heart is in each of our puppies and adults.

Horses are a wonderful part of life. We breed Quarter horses and Percheron Draft Horses. Quarter horses have been a part of our life for over 50 years with a sorrel foundation bred stallion Hoot Mix owned by the Speak family being the start of many years of enjoyment. From showing, riding and teaching kids responsibility of loving and caring for an animal and friend.

Yeah, life on the farm is good.