New to Monark Puppies? What to Expect on Your Visit

Posted on February 7, 2024 by Judy Miller

Each breed is different and each customer has a different story. So for this blog, I am going to discuss our Newfoundland puppies. In addition, we will discuss the process families go through to discover a new family member here at Monark Puppies.

Puppy Inquiry and Conversation

When families visit to inquire about our puppies, I always make it a conversation as if I was visiting with a friend. I find this helps to understand what they are looking for in a new family member. During these conversations, I learn as much as I can about their family to help guide them in choosing a puppy. Each family is unique which makes details matter, such as: 

  • where they live
  • their lifestyle 
  • Specific preferences 

I usually can relate to something in my life, to something in their life. I have made a lot of friends over the years that stay in touch with me. They often update me with pictures as their puppy grows and gets older. In addition to learning about them, I also provide information on our background such as:

  • Years we have been raising puppies 
  • The Monark Puppy family
  • Our improvements in operation over the years
  • Available puppies
  • How they were raised
  • Additional information that is included with that new puppy

We believe honest, heartfelt words matter as well as interest within the new prospective family. We strive to always make it personal and truthful, without pushing them to make a decision. I always tell them at the end, they know everything about my puppies that I know. This includes our stages of vet checks for puppy health and prevention, and about the Health Certificates that are issued before the puppy leaves here. I spend a lot of time on the phone with people and through emails. We always tell families that they have lifetime support with us and are welcome to call or email with any questions anytime

Example Family Visit: Newfoundland Puppy 

  • A family of 5 boys – 4 yr, 8yr, 2 teenagers, and a 20 yr old
  • Never had a Newfoundland dog breed before
  • Busy lifestyle
  • Interested in indoor/outdoor puppy (but inside the house with them alot)

I would often start out with questions and breed information like

  • Do you have a fenced yard where they can run and exercise? 

This always makes it easier to potty train. Although Newfies are so smart they learn quickly, it is a matter of you getting them on a routine of going out after eating and several times a day. They will catch on quickly to let you know when they are wanting out. 

  • Newfies do not get full bone growth until after they are a year old. 

So you want to be careful about letting them do things that stress their joints and hips until they are developed. Stressful things can be like letting them run up and down a lot of stairs or jumping in/out of high autos/trucks. They can handle 2 to 3 steps going down a porch. Furthermore, letting them get overweight, which is bad for any breed, can also add stress on their joints. You want them at a healthy weight for their age but overweight.

Have More Questions about Us or Our Puppies?

Reach out to Monark Puppies today! We love educating families about their future family members. Whether you are interested in a new puppy or have questions about a puppy you’ve already purchased, contact us anytime!

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