Monark Percheron Draft Horse

The Percheron is a magnificent breed of draft horse originating from France. The history of the Percheron reaches back into the Middle Ages in Europe and traces its history in the United States back to 1839. Percherons weigh between 1,900-2,600 pounds and reach a height of 15.1-18.1 hands. Some of their most appreciated traits are willingness to work, good-naturedness, and adaptability to varying climates and conditions. 

Percherons are large draft horses that have been used for years in this country to build roads, mow hay and haul loads of goods before the era of mechanized farming. Today they are still used in this capacity but it is for competition, showing, parades and  enjoying just going for a ride in a buggy or wagon.

Percherons were in my family in the 1920’s with my dad building roads. Now 100 years later we have brought them back to enjoy. We are very please with our grey Percheron two year old stallion Monark Frosty. He was the first Percheron colt born here. 

We also raise Half Drafts. These are a Percheron and Quarter horse cross. They are a big, rugged horse suited for rugged terrain used by outfitters, hunting expeditions etc. 

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