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Conditions of Sale / Guarantee

Having been examined by our veterinarian prior to leaving, it is to the best of our knowledge that this
puppy is free from any health defects and is the best pet quality we have to offer.  All puppies are
sold as companion pets: no guarantee is made as to the disposition, conformation, breeding ability,
size nor mature weight. The buyer has a health guarantee extending 3 business days in which to
have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian. If the puppy is NOT taken to the vet at the
purchaser’s  expense within 3 business days of receipt of the puppy this guarantee shall become null
and void.  This contract will be null and void if the puppy  is given any vaccinations within the first 10
days of arrival, unless okayed by breeder.

This guarantee does not include any injuries or problems the puppy develops due to neglect or
abuse by new owner. The puppy is not guaranteed against hypoglycemia, which is also called low
blood sugar or sugar shock.  The guarantee does not cover the following conditions considered
normal in some breeds:  cherry eye, entropion, loose hips, or skin allergies.  Grade 1 or 2 luxating
patellas are not covered for any breed. The guarantee is not applicable for hip displaysia if the
puppy has been bred, neutered or spayed, nor if the animal is overweight or over-exercised. Any
existing conditions listed in advance will not be covered by this guarantee.

The buyer accepts responsibility for the care of this dog.  This includes, but is not limited to:
maintaining the dog on a proper diet and weight sensible for it’s size, age and breed. Buyer must
provide regular and proper care, including annual vaccinations, heart worm preventative, and light

Until the dog reaches 1 year of age, the breeder agrees to replace the dog if all of the
following circumstances occur and all of the conditions of this agreement are met.

In the event that said puppy is diagnosed with a genetic defect that makes the puppy unsuitable for
being a companion, the purchaser must notify the breeder within 10 days and provide the breeder’s
veterinarian with x-rays or all reports used to diagnose said puppy. Said puppy must be seen by 2
veterinarians not affiliated with one another. The breeder’s veterinarian must concur with the
diagnosis. The breeder will honor the guarantee by replacing with a  puppy of equal value. The
puppy must be returned with all papers as well as a signed statement from the vet on the vet’s
letterhead, stating the date of examination and the alleged health risks before any action will be
taken. The puppy must be returned, at purchaser’s expense, within 3 days of the decision. The
replacement puppy will be sent at the breeders expense. In the unlikely event of death of the puppy,
the new owner must provide proof of death by a necropsy report stating the cause of death. The
report should be completed by a licensed veterinarian and should be submitted on the vet’s
letterhead. Credit will be given in the form of replacement of a puppy of equal value.

Transportation is arranged through third-party carriers; frequently there are delays for numerous
reasons including weather, logistics, mechanical failure or other unforeseen events. We are not
responsible or liable for any delays, inconvenience or financial loss, nor will we issue a refund due to
shipping delays without assessing the usual cancellation fee. All sales are final. Venue and
jurisdiction for litigation arising out of or related to Monark Puppies shall lie exclusively in Newton
County, Missouri.

If for any reason the buyer can not keep this puppy due to unforeseen circumstances in
their life, it is required that they contact the breeder (Judy Speak Miller) before
relinquishing ownership of this puppy to another individual or entity.

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Buyer’s signature(by signing we agree to all terms as stated)

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Seller’s Signature

This original must be signed and returned to us by certified mail within 7 days of puppy’s arrival to
validate this contract. No signed contract no guarantee. Please make a copy of this contract for
yourself and send the original and a copy of your vet receipt back.
Monark Puppies
Sales Contract and Guarantee
You will be sent a copy of this contract
below in your paperwork. You will need to
sign it and send the original back to us along
they have seen your puppy. Send this back
contract to be valid. Please make a copy for
your records.
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