Fun Farm Pics
Pictures of the farm and the family.

Rain or sun,
Heat or Snow,
On the farm,
The work must go.
Dominecker rooster
Dakota watering
Nanny's grazing
Libby & Lettie sitting on
their favorite stump.
Morgan giving Ty a bath
before his trip to  
Mississippi with his new
Miss Lilly keeping an eye
on things in the barn.
Shawn and Kimi
Calli cat snoozing on the
Boer nanny
Dakota moving Princess
Chance with Moose
The 3 amigos
Dakota working Cattle
The crew working cattle.
Dakota, Mike & Jeff
checking things out.
Dakota watering Princess
and 2 Socks
Hank & Izzy
Chance and Riley
Boer Kid's
Wade & Chance driving the
Angel's puggle puppies
Taking a bath to get ready
to go to new home.
Chance & Baby
Dakota & Shorty
Taking a break and playing
some Frisbee.
Dave, Wade, Jimmy & Chance
Dakota & Monty
Goat kids jungle gym
Jeff & Austin trimming
Dakota's Graduation
Dakota, Wade & Wyatt
Dakota's Graduation
Dave, Ko & Judy
Fun in the yard.
It's a Dog's Life
Fall in the Ozarks
at Monark Puppies