Monark Puppies

We are a farm family located in Southwest
Missouri. We have been involved in farming for
most of our lives, and lived at this location for
52 years. In the past 14 years we have added
our dogs to our farm. We love our animals and
want the best for all of them.  Here on the
farm we raise beef cattle, Quarter Horses,
dogs, and grandchildren. We follow a strict
system of worming and vaccinating our
puppies which was set up by our vet. And we
wish to provide you with a healthy, happy,
loving puppy (family member).

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what we have added. If you need
information that is not here yet,
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We are able to
take credit card ( Visa & Master
Card) and debit card payments for
your puppy.
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We accept
Buddy (Micenko's Sir
Piper Maxwell)
is now living here in
OFA Certified - Hips,
Elbows, Cystinuria,
Patella, Cardiac, Thyroid.
AKC registered
USDA and State
Fall in the Ozarks
Monark Puppies
Summer Time in the Ozarks
Monark Puppies
Morgan and Colby with two
of their beagles that came
from Monark Puppies.
We are members of the Missouri Pet
Breeders Association. The MPBA is the
nation's oldest professional pet
organization. They work with the Missouri
University Extension Service and the
Missouri Department of Agriculture. Their
purpose is to educate, inform and promote
the best quality puppies that are born and
raised in Missouri. Breeders are held to a
strict code of ethics for the safety and well
being of their animals.
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We are inspected by the USDA, State of Missouri
and the AKC.